Extract a colony from an agar plate and setting up incubations under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.


So I’m just moving the Bunsen again to the hottest part of the flame, sterilising the straight wire until it is red hot, because you want to make sure that the only bacteria you are actually inoculating into those Hugh and Leifson’s agar media are just the bacterium on here.

So this is the bacteria on the agar plate and I’m just going to pick one colony, that will be sufficient, and then inoculating first the first tube, going straight down, and then going to the second tube, doing exactly the same, going straight down and inoculating. And what we are going to be demonstrating with Hugh and Leifson’s media is how to incubate bacteria aerobically and anaerobically. So taking some liquid paraffin, probably need about that much, and then just topping up one of those tubes with paraffin oil just to simulate anaerobic conditions. And that will be sufficient paraffin oil there, and just discarding this into your beaker. And that is ready for incubation.


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