About the Virtual Analytic Laboratory

The idea for VAL came about when we realised that many new students were entering on our Biomedical Science degree programme with little previous laboratory experience, and also, students returning to years two and three after the holidays were often a bit rusty.

We couldn't find suitable materials on-line so successfully gained funding from De Montfort University's "Research Informed Teaching Awards" (RITA) to develop on-line laboratory resources for students, with the aim that they work through these resources before entering the laboratory.

Team Photo

Staff receiving their "RITA" award for "VAL" in June 2008.

From left to right: Marilena Ioannou, Dr Simon Oldroyd, Dr Ruta Furmoniviciene (Professor Philip Tasker, then Vice Chancellor of De Montfort University), Dr Graham Basten, Dr Vivien Rolfe. Photograph by Stuart Hollis.

The Team in the School of Allied Health Sciences

Marilena Ioannou is a senior lecturer and a microbiologist with past experience from working in the NHS.
Simon Oldroyd is deputy dean of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences and is an anatomist.
Ruta Furmonaviciene is an immunologist and programme leader for the Biomedical Science degree.
Graham Basten is deputy head of the school and is a clinical biochemist.
Viv is a physiologist and now works at the University of the West of England, but still maintains a number of open education websites.

We were very much indebted to Phil Tubman of Lancaster University who Viv worked with over the years on these projects. There couldn't have been a better and friendlier learning technologist to hand.

Other Funding Sources

VAL was developed further with funding from the UK Open Educational Resource Programme - Phase 1. This required understanding about licensing and technology requirements ot facilitate an open and accessible experience. Viv and the team are totally indebted to the Higher Education Academy subject centre for Bioscience, that later became the STEM subject centre.

Updated May 2017.

Funding acknowledgements
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