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I've always felt it a shame that so often you search for educational resources on the internet, find a link or a description of a resource, and then hey bingo, it is hidden within a university repository or you have to pay to use it. Back in 2008 when we were producing VAL, open education was a new concept in the UK, and now the use of Creative Commons open licenses is mainstream. The global open education movement continues to open the doors to education and enable teachers and lecturers to share and build-on each others resources across a whole range of subjects.

To get started in open education, the Jisc website is the place to look. See "How to build a case for university policies and practices in support of Open Access" - available at:

A full list of Viv's OER research can be found on her blog The ones listed below just relate to VAL.

Dissemination of VAL findings

HEA biosciences logo2010 OER Dissemination Event
University College London, 31st March
Demonstration of VAL by VAL team M Ioannou, S Oldroyd and D Gray.


main logo OER2010 Open Educational Resources
Clare College Cambridge, 22-24 March
-presentation on staff attitudes towards open content by Dr V Rolfe.
Available at SlideShare


SLTC Conference The 3rd Science Learning and Teaching Conference
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh 16-17 June 2009
- presentation by Dr V Rolfe.
Available at SlideShare


HEA Bioscience"Development and Implementation of VAL" - case study by Dr V Rolfe.
Hea Bioscience Case Study
[Available at:]


Bioscience Bulletin"Virtual Analytical Laboratory" - short article by Dr V Rolfe.
Biosicence Bulletin 26
[Available at:


Funding acknowledgements
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