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Resources for lecturers

MESSAGE MAY 2017 - this page contains links that are largely broken due to closure of the centres listed below. I'm currently sourcing new useful materials for people starting out to teach in bioscience subjects. (Viv X)


Anybody new to lecturing, or is having to pick up lectures or practicals within the bioscience subject area should go straight away to the Higher Education Academy 'Bioscience Subject Centre' pages. Up until 2011 the Bioscience Centre organised conferences, publications, events and initiatives to bring the biosciences together in the UK. As a new lecturer myself at that time, their support and the network of teachers across the UK was invaluable. After 2011 the subject centre became part of a larger STEM group, but the bioscientists still exist in spirit, and virtually on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are some highlight resources:

Support for new lecturers

Images; resources on assessment, feedbcack and other elements of teaching practice.

Case studies

A wealth of case studies on all aspects of the bioscience student experience including work placements, peer assessment and eLearning.

Practical work in the biosciences


Again a host of work was done around this and I would hate to think these PDF reports would ultimately be lost. Go and DOWNLOAD NOW!!

Bioscience open educational resources

There were many OERs other than VAL that were released around 2009 as part of the UK OER Phase 1 work. Unfortunately these parts of the HEA website are no longer obtained and several of the links are dead. You should be able to find anything you are interested in on Jorum ( or also by Googling them.


Research and dissertation website for students 'Engage in Research'

This is a tremendous site from the University of Reading and one I have used for years to step undergraduate students through their final year disserations, or Masters students through their first piece of research. Although (C) University of Reading, you need do no more than use the resource in situ as it is.


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