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The use of a light microscope is a fundamental technique in the bioscience laboratory, whether you are studying histology or microbiology. Below are some basic materials we produced for our students as part of the UK OER programme. Below are additional microscope resources that are also open licensed for everyone to use.


Parts of the microscope

Animation introducing parts of the microscope and a quiz to test you self.

Vivien Rolfe

Setting up the light microscope
Video clips demonstrating how to set up a light microscope.
Basic steps to prepare the microscope.

Simon Oldroyd

Setting up the light microscope
Video demonstrating how to maintain a light microscope.
Technical Team
Check list
Check list for setting up the microscope.

Simon Oldroyd


Open Learn Digital Microscope

Open University 'Open Learn Digital Microscope'
An interactive resource that gives you a little of the feel of using a light microscope, and provides you with a bank of human, animal and plant tissues to explore. Available:

Copyright - CC BY NC SA
Details available:

Other UK openly licensed content

Goto Jisc APP store and search 'microscopy'

The APP store has replaced and most of the resources on there have been transferred.

Goto OER Commons and search 'microscopy'

Here you are more likely to find access to course materials than short videos or documents, but there are a number on there about microscopy in application to engineering and other subjects.

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