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On the old version of VAL (2008 - 2014) there were 100 web pages and over 150 individual resources. This was because the web couldn't cope as well back then with larger file sizes so there were more smaller files. None of the videos were on YouTube so the website also contained the FLASH animation SWF files alongside a published video version (MP4 format). Today, these videos have been re-edited and put on YouTube, but the individual animations remain the same.

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VAL open educational resources

Cell culture

    • YouTube video on resuscitating cells
    • YouTube video on subculturing and splitting cells
    • YouTbe video on cryogenic storage
    • PDF and Word document notes and quizzes



    • YouTube video how to prepare a blood smear
    • PDF transcript
    • Narrated presentation on the full blood count
    • YouTube video - first of a series of 10 depicting automated blood analysis in a hospital pathology department
    • Web link to the sickle cell open educational resource project SCOOTER


  • SWF Animation drag n drop parts of the microscope
  • YouTube video of how to set up the microscope
  • YouTube video of how to maintain the microscope
  • PDF Checklist for setting up the microscope

Haemcytometer introduction

  • SWF What is a haemocytometer
  • SWF What does it do?
  • SWF Features
  • SWF Preparing it for use
  • SWF Using the microscope
  • SWF Quiz

Counting Cells

  • SWF Principles of cell counts
  • SWF Neubaur Grid
  • SWF Summary of counting
  • SWF Counting large cells
  • SWF Counting small cells
  • SWF Quiz
Performing Calculations
    • SWF An example calculation
    • SWF Do your own calculation
    • SWF Screen Grab file – converting units of volume
    • SWF Screen Grab file – calculating volume

Histology and stain chemistry

The Haematoxylin and Eosin Stain (H&E)

  • YouTube video ntroduction to the H&E stain
  • YouTube video step by step through the stain
  • YouTube video fundamentals of stain chemistry
  • Package of teaching resources - PowerPoints and classroom staining manual


Basic Bacterial Incubations

  • YouTube video showing how to prepare for a bacterial incubation
  • PDF transcript

 API Strips

  • YouTube video showing how to prepare an API strip
  • PDF transcript
  • YouTube video showing the API strip biochemistry
  • YouTube video of interpreting the results

The Portable Autoclave

  • SWF animation showing the parts of the autoclave
  • YouTube video on how to use a portable autoclave
  • PDF transcript

The Gram Stain

  • YouTube video on performing the Gram stain to identify bacteria
  • PDF transcript
  • YouTube video


  • YouTube video on the plastic pipette
  • YouTube video on the pipette pump
  • YouTube video on the Gilson pipette


  • YouTube video introducing the spectrophotometer
  • PDF transcript
  • Series of 6 SWF animations ont he spec
  • Series of 6 transcripts
  • YouTube video on the Bradford assay
  • PDF transcript
  • SWF animation on the Bradford assay
  • Transcript

Serial Dilutions

  • Series of five SWF animations on serial dilutions
  • Five transcripts

Standard Curves

  • Two SWF animations introducing standard curves
  • Two transcripts
  • Five Adobe Captivate demonstration and interactive tutorials on using Microsoft Excel (an old version now but the same principles apply)


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