Introducing the spectrophotometer --> YouTube video and PDF transcript
How the spectrophotometer works --> 6 Flash animations
The Bradford protein assay --> YouTube video and Flash animation


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Introductory video to the spectrophotometer

Hello I’m going to show you how to use the spectrophotometer. There are two spectrophotometers, they are from diff manufacturers and you will find them in the labs but they measure both the same thing. Now before starting your experiment you need to make sure the spec is switched in the mains and also you need to switch on the button at the back of the machine. To record your Bradford assay results you first will have to set your spec at 595 nm wavelength. Before measuring your samples you need to zero the spec with the blank. So you need to put the blank cuvette so the light can pass through the clear side of the cuvette.

In order to zero you will follow the instructions on the spec. In this case you will press “zero base” button and then another button “run” and wait for the results to appear on the screen. Now you are ready to record your standards and your unknown samples. For this you will be putting your samples the same way you put the blank into the spec, and then press “run”, and wait for the results appearing on the screen. You are going to do this to all your standards one by one, the same way, pressing the button “run” and waiting for the results on the screen. Now you have got all your results from your standards on the screen and you can use them to draw your standard curve. You will measure your unknown samples the same way and extrapolate the concentrations of the unknowns from the standard curve.





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